Respect for the Individual | Respect for the individual is the core of our ethics. The rights of the individual guide our relationships. We favor dialogue based on trust, openness to other cultures and equal opportunities.

Respect for the Environment | We manage the environmental aspects of our business in order to protect nature and human beings. We incorporate the concept of sustainable development in developing our action plans.

Effective Performance | Our performance is geared to meeting our objectives and creating value, satisfying our external and internal customers.

Integrity | We act with rectitude, honesty and transparency in all instances and with all the people with whom we interact.

Group Consciousness and Social | We take into account the interests and needs of people with whom we interact, both in the company and in our community.

Predisposition to learn and evolve | We are open to learn to develop our personal and professional potential, facing change as a natural and permanent fact.



Company commitment with official regulations on the subject.
The winery works to achieve sustainable economic impact for its environment, trying to adopt a socially responsible business management and consistency in their business decisions. In this way we incorporate to our values -besides economic interests- the interests and needs of the actors with whom we interact, such as shareholders, service providers, employees, consumers, communities and the environment.


Cost reduction: various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, especially those focused on the environment, can reduce costs and time: wastewater treatment policies, energy and water care, as well as staff awareness training on unnecessary expenses.

Quality work environment: Human Resources policies promoted by the CSR install strong values and beliefs of organizational culture, encouraging professional and personal development of each of the members of the company. The results translate into higher productivity, motivation, honesty and commitment to organizational goals.

Community development: Economic progress requires personal progress. Quality and good service are not enough, the level of commitment of a business to society has become increasingly important. Therefore we promote community development through the possibility of incorporating interns from the Province Enology School, which can make their first steps in the process and learn in a supportive environment.


The following activities have been developed to promote a sustainable development, as part of CSR:

Effluent treatment: all industrial waste including effluents are treated so as to minimize their environmental impact and reuse productively.

Selection of inputs and suppliers: both inputs suppliers are chosen on the basis of consistency with the philosophy of the company. We carefully select those who apart from having quality products, have a sustainable vision of the production processes.